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02, 2007 · Visit Yahoo Home. Promoted. [email protected] [email protected] asked in Family & Relationships Singles & Dating. 1 ade ago. dating an older guy? I met my boyfriend in 07 we have been dating and living toge er since 2 mon s into e relationship. He has 2 dhters one is 18 and er o er is 15. His first wife cheated on him, His second. 29, 2009 · I've just recently starting going out wi a guy at's 6 years older an me. I'm 19 (20 in a couple mon s) and he's 25 (turning 26 later in e year). We met because we bo are really into music and love e same music and it's a huge part of us. I've never found someone as much into music as I am until now. e question ough is at I don't know how to introduce him to my parents/family. 19, 2008 · I am just wondering I am 24 years old and I've know is guy who's 39 for a few years now - we go to bars, volunteer toge er, he's a really nice guy. e o er day out of no where he asked me out on a date and I said yes, but I'm a little nervous all is time I never knew he felt is way about me, I mean we do e meaningless flirting and I never ought any ing more of it. Feb 15, 2007 · Visit Yahoo Home. Promoted. Fireanddesir. Fireanddesir asked in Family & Relationships Singles & Dating. 1 ade ago. If you're above e age of consent, and you use protection, I ink you'll learn alot from dating an older guy. I say go for it, but be careful! 0 0. She is Beautiful! Lv 6. 1 ade ago. Me & my husband have a yr age. , 2008 · i know is guy who i used to work wi and we were pretty good friends. en we lost touch for like a year and a half but e o er day he called me up just to talk and asked if i wanted to get dinner wi him at is nice restaurant. i said yes but en he had to cancel because of a business meeting (he owns his own company). we're trying to set up ano er date right now. e only problem. Feb 28, 2008 · I don't see any ing wrong wi it. Age is no ing, maturity is e question. I've seen people who are bo 26 year olds dating and e girl acts like a 4 year old so e guy ended ings wi her. 18 and 24 is fine as long as you two are happy and getting along. , 2008 · Yahoo Products. Anonymous. Anonymous asked in Family & Relationships Singles & Dating. 1 ade ago. Dating an older guy? I'm 27 years old, single, no kids. Should I date a guy at is 20 years older an, divorced, 2 kids? Answer Save. 4 Answers. Relevance. Gaivota S. 1 ade ago. Favourite answer. 25, 2008 · When i was 16 i dated a man who was 6 years older an me. Needless to say it didn't work in e long run but it was fun while it lasted! My partner is 7 years older an me now but i'm 25 and age isn't an issue anymore but at 16 it might be to your parents. 09, 2008 · If you like older men because you like maturity, en at's a legit reason. If you like older men because you just want someone to take care of your innocent self, you need to grow up. I'm only 21, so I would like to say find a guy approximately your age at you like and can keep up wi, but all e 30 year old dudes would be really happy. 21, 2008 · You need to have a man who is older an yourself as ey are more mature and will respect you better an a younger man. If it were e o er way around if you were older an he- . 12, 2006 · I'm 30 and currently dating a lovely gorgeous man who's 57 and I've never been happier in a relationship like is before. I know he's too old for me but is it wrong and anyones business? We enjoy each o ers company, have great conversations in and out of e bedroom. I've dated guys my age or a year or 2 older an me in e past but none of em compares. 18, 2008 · I am just wondering I am 24 years old and I've know is guy who's 39 for a few years now - we go to bars, volunteer toge er, he's a really nice guy. e o er day out of no where he asked me out on a date and I said yes, but I'm a little nervous all is time I never knew he felt is way about me, I mean we do e meaningless flirting and I never ought any ing more of it. 19,  · I've dated men older an you, you're like a spring chicken, I told him. I have an affinity for older men. I believe is is because of several ings - my life experience and my maturity level. Feb 16, 2008 · If dating and having wi older men is your preference, en at is your business and not anyone else's. You are probably nowhere near alone as a younger woman desiring for an older man. We men who are older bring maturity, stability and are more experienced wi women an our younger counterparts. Apr 26, 2008 · When I was 17 I dated a guy in college who was 22. My parents ended up loving is guy, and ey're pretty darn strict. ey might be a little disturbed, but you should introduce him to your parents so at ey at least know e guy a little. 26, 20  · So I agree wi e guy a little above me at says its normal, cuz it.. HOWEVER. If you mean a girl dating a MUCH older man, like 20 years+ older, shes a gold digger because it is assumed she's waiting for him to die so she can inherit money. I'm feeling e name..Jezebel but I can't ink of what it means exactly. ,  · If you want to attract an older guy, be honest and direct, since older guys usually don’t have time for relationship games. Tell him how you feel and don’t be afraid to ask him out! If you haven’t met an older guy yet, try visiting places older guys hang out, like nice bars, golf courses, coffee shops, or gallery openings.Views: 240K. 21, 2008 · So yesterday I told my parents about my boyfriend ey are furious. I am legal to date him I'm 20. and I really really like him for who he is al ough he is 40 yes he is older but we have so much in common and we have so much fun toge er and never run out of ings to talk about. for instance we were up e o er night talking until 7:30 in e morning. , 2007 · It can be related, if you have is void and would like to fill. Older men are more experience and mature. ey are done wi struggling and usually have already achieved some ing and might have a secure ing, so most women want at, at's why you see young women wi older guys, so ey feel secure. We interview a couple for our new series 'Strange Relationships'. We talk to an 18-year-old girl named Stephanie, who is dating a 68-year-old man named Rick. 21,  · Ok so I'm 17 and my boyfriend is 28 turning 29 soon. When we met I was only 16 at e time but turned 17 a mon later and we've been dating for 6 mon s now. I know I should be dating guys my own age but all e guys I know my age are way too immature and I connect wi him on such an emotion level. Ididn't even go looking for him or even love for at matter cause I'm just not at . 29, 2006 · - He's 9 years older an me (but doesn't look/act it) - We work for e same company, but aren't in e office much toge er. - Known him for about 6 mon s now & he asked me out for a drink last week. - He told our workmates he was worried about asking me out case I said no. - He's been asking em loads of questions about me. - We've been texting each o er quite a lot. - Went out at e. 20,  · And you can find a 19 year old -or hell- even an 18 year old male at shares an apartment somewhere wi a roommate. be at's why he's going for e 'young ones' like you, because he probably expects you to be impressed he has an apartment (since you live at home). A 28 year old woman wouldn't be impressed wi his setup at all. 30, 2007 · 14 year old dating an 18 year old guy? i know ere are so many questions about is sort of ing on here, but i still felt i needed to ask my own. Im a 14 year old girl and have recently started seeing an 18 year old guy. I realise at 4 years is quite a gap for someone my age and at many people see is as being wrong. I know ey. 27,  · An older man can help you expand on your individuality Almost to e extent where ey help you develop who you are and come out of your shell to find your true identity. ey have already been rough is period of growing up and finding emselves, and realize e Missing: yahoo. 24, 20  · I am a 15 year old girl, turning 16 in , and he is a 19 year old who turned 19 in ust. Im not dating him yet, but I know he really likes me and Im starting to consider dating him. But I still dont know if I actually want to date right now. I understand ere is tons of legal issues, but trust me, nei er us are having until we are ried. 24, 2008 · you need to define what you mean by older. Could it be 5, 15 years or more? e more important ing to ask is how you feel about dating an older guy. What reason would you do it and would you feel more comfortable and secure wi an older guy versus at of a kid? 06, 2009 · I am dating a man 24 years older an me! For me its no ing to do wi e money! we have more times an I did wi my ex who was younger an him! its abut finding e right person for you I love my man he loves me! he is caring affectionate and my dhter loves him like a dad! dating a older man all e way for me! News, email and search are just e beginning. Discover more every day. Find your yodel. 70 and feeling fine? If you're an active 70-some ing single and want to meet o er 70 year-old singles for dating, romance or fun, en look us up online today. Get your profile at Over 70 Dating and start mingling!, Over 70 Dating. Feb 20,  · Dating someone younger—whe er you’re two or ree years his senior or are talking cougar territory—certainly can work, but being an older woman in a relationship does tend to come. Also, its long duration of action makes it a good choice for men who are dating, he says. However, Viagra and Levitra can be used discreetly, taken an hour or two before planned activity. . In Older Women, Younger Men: New Options for Love and Romance, au ors Felicia Brings and Susan Winter interviewed more an 200 men to discover e allure of e so-called Mrs. Robinson syndrome.. 12,  · I was 21 and vaguely dating a 50-year-old guy I had met rough friends. We hooked up for e first time at a huge house party I had at was filled wi o er early- to mid-20s people. Apr 22,  · Powerful leaders, Kings and rich men all desired, and still do, young women and many of e women desired em. In many cultures, women were sold off at around 13 years old to be ried, usually to older men. e heal iest babies are born to women who are 16-20 years old and it can take 1 to 2 years for a woman to get pregnant (starting at 14). 16,  · A 17 year old is not a peer to a 43 year old. First, outside of genuine friendship or a mentoring relationship (at means no ual behavior, btw), I cannot image what a 43 year old man would see in a 17 year old. e age of consent be irrelevant because a 17 year old is not developmentally ready for a relationship wi an adult. 14,  · In eir study of 173 women, 44 of whom were dating men at least approximately years older, e stereotype of women choosing significantly older paramours as a . Dating a guy years older yahoo. Table of contents: show Anyways is, au or has a 26 year old guy dating a 14 year old woman and 2. When i don’t ink a 17 dating 20 year old lea er chair or a guy? I recently found out wi any teenagers dating younger guy. It was an old freshman year old myra.

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