Computer Backup Check or Audit


Data LossIf there's one thing that unites personal computer users, small businesses and larger companies it's the need to assure themselves that they have proper backup for the programs and data that they use on their individual PCs or networks.

If you work for a larger company with its own IT department then you may not have too much to worry about as the IT department will very likely have it covered. However if you are a small/medium-sized company or a sole proprietor you probably have to rely on yourself or your administration staff to perform the required backups and live in hope that you never actually need it......... because that is likely the only time that you will find out if the backup is adequate, or reflects a recent-enough position etc.

In our experience taking backup is often the last thing on people's minds at the end of a long day in the office and the desire to do other more important things ( go home) will often take precedence. So if you are a small/medium business we can help out by visiting your premises and discussiing the applications you are running and drawing up practical routines for you to follow to ensure you give yourself the maximum level of protection in the event of data loss, whatever the cause. We can also arrange to visit you periodically, say quarterly, to check that the processes are running smoothly. Alternatively we can just provide a written report, after a site visit, giving our suggestions and recommendations and you can choose which steps to implement yourselves.

If you are a larger company you may want to consider booking a "Don't Lose it!!" seminar and bringing together various members of staff across different departments to discuss the various aspects of 'backup' that are important for any company to consider and review. The knowledge gained may help them interact better with the IT department, give them a better understanding of what data they may have on their own PCs and help them not lose the only copy of their daughter's thesis currently sitting on the PC at home.

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